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Δευτέρα, 8 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

UN Security Council Condemns North Korean Rocket Launch


At an emergency meeting, the United Nations Security Council on Sunday condemned Pyongyang’s launch of a long-range rocket, with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling the move “deeply deplorable” (WaPo). North Korea said the launch was for scientific and peaceful purposes (CNN). Meanwhile, the United States and South Korea, which view the launch as a cover for developing ballistic missile technology, have agreed to start talks for the possible deployment of a missile defense system, prompting China’s foreign ministry to express “deep concern” over the discussions (Korea Times).


“It is unclear how long President Xi Jinping of China will tolerate what some analysts here are calling the humiliation of his country at the hands of a capricious Mr. Kim. But there are no immediate signs that Beijing will radically change course and turn away from its traditional ally,” write Jane Perlez and Choe Sang-hun for the New York Times.

“While Thaad [the U.S. missile defense system] could be a deterrent against Kim’s regime, it would also raise the stakes for security in a region where suspicions already run high over Japan’s military aggression during World War II and a later conflict that split the Korean peninsula between an isolated, unpredictable regime in the north and what is now a democracy in the south,” writes Sam Kim for Bloomberg.

“China isn’t likely to squeeze its client unless it sees the U.S. and its allies doing more to isolate the North on their own. Such a policy would seek to end the regime through sweeping financial sanctions that prevent the Kim family from financing the tools of their tyranny, from weapons to whiskeys, and that impose stiff penalties on their enablers abroad. The strategy of begging China has been a failure,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

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