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Πέμπτη, 1 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey and DAESH has strong ties - Document/REPORT intelligence lvl 3


We usually do not write in English our articles but this is one exception we have to make since this report has been given to us by a valid source (for obvious purposes lets call the source, John Smith). Report contains enough data about persons, trips and transactions of all kind between the Turkish state and DAESH.

It is quite clear on the document that there are strong ties with Turkey and DAESH while there is an ongoing cooperation on all levels regarding funding, oil, weapons and hired mercenaries. There are official documents on the report by the Turkish state, passports, trip data, photos of Jihadists and even some photos of DAESH funding efforts in the center of Instanbul.

Photo in document:  DAESH is doing fund events in front of Instanbul municipality HQ.

What is also, not included, on this report is that there are some companies in Turkey that use their resources in order to recruit or hire fighters for DAESH which are then sent to Syria as described in report.

We need to inform that this file presented by us here at Geopolitics, was already sent hours ago to European Police authorities for further actions.

Read full report here: TURKEY & DAESH (ISIS) TIES IN REPORT

Alexandros Niklan
Sr. Security Consultant


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