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Κυριακή, 11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

Making World a Better Place, Innovative Tourism

Writer: Stefanos Peppas, Hotel Management

Innovative travel technology delivers and provides to all of us an easier and more attractive way to see our trips around the World or…around the corner.

Innovative technology is used by more than one billion people worldwide to help them plan, reserve and travel around. The confusion of mass tourism can bring down the quality of our travel. The future can reduce stress and chaos by Innovations used.

Tourism research, suggests that an era of 'collaborative travel' will soon take place, whereby information sharing - among travellers and travel providers - will transform how people experience their trips.

Many ways can be used for someone to plan in advance places-hotels-transportation, breakdown the possible costs, etc.

Impact on Business and Leisure travel is already dramatic.

Travellers’ basic and higher needs are to be met even months before they step at the desired destination. Layers and layers of information can be retrieved at the palm of your laptop, tablet and cell phone.

Intelligent travel guides

Apps – Travel Diary- Social Media

Faster Internet

Next generation planning tools will reduce stress, time and money.
Travel and Tourism will change in the very near Future.

Sources: Amadeus IT, Forbes, Youtube